Robert Nickerson

Nickerson "is quick to understand the issues, a man of great integrity but also a man who cares about people."

- St. Clair County Probate Judge quoted in The Times Herald, July 15, 1990

He exemplifies, in my opinion, what a lawyer should be and what a prosecutor should be.

- St. Clair County Circuit Judge quoted in The Times Herald July 15, 1990

Thank you for winning $12,700,000 for our family, Bob.

- V.S

Attorney Nickerson was not only helpful, but prompt and efficient with the legal action that I needed. His knowledge, support, and encouragement are why I would only use Robert Nickerson as my legal counsel.

- Terri Malin, Educator

I want to thank you so much for the way in which you handled the estate of my brother Richard Lesmeister. I know that you had to deal with locating over 50 relatives who were scattered over 10 states. Many of them were not easy to find, as we did not have current addresses for them. I am not sure how you were able to find everyone, contact them, and then get them to sign documents and return them, but thank you so much for the way in which you handled everything involved in the estate settlement. I know we would never have been able to get all of that done on our own. Without your help we would never have known ‘what’ to do to finalize my brother’s affairs, let alone ‘how’ to go about handling all of the legal and financial details. My sister and I were also both very surprised at the inheritance we actually received after the estate was settled, and how you were able to advise us on how to limit our tax obligations with the state and federal agencies involved. Also, thank you for the way in which you handled investigating the issue of hospital and physician malpractice, which may have contributed to my brothers passing unnecessarily. You were able to put our minds at ease, so we could focus on spending time with family and friends bringing back fond memories of my brother and reuniting with many family members that we had not seen in many years.

- Dolores Lesmeister-Kubicki

When I went to Bob Nickerson, I wanted to get a few thousand for my injury. Bob got me $100,000 dollars!

- A.K.

When you’re in the prosecutor’s office, you can develop an attitude that everybody is guilty…I thought [Robert] Nickerson was a fresh breeze blowing through the courthouse. That’s the type of person I’d like for a partner.

- Myles Knowles, Retired defense attorney and 20-year law firm partner of Attorney Nickerson

Attorney Robert Nickerson helped me with my will, and I found him to be very efficient and kind throughout the entire process. His personality makes you feel at ease, even in a difficult situation. I would highly recommend him!

- Loretta Malin